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Skidaway Island Republican Club

#YourVoteMatters: For Georgia
49 Days Until Election Day

America has gotten really rich because in more places on more days it learned to set political, tribal, ethnic, and religious differences aside and focus on building the real foundations of sustainable wealth: education, trade, infrastructure, human capital, and the rule of law. We became prosperous by tapping our human resources and giving them the tools to realize their potential.

This aligns with Brian Kemp’s vision for Georgia:

1. Make Georgia #1 for Small Business
2. Strengthen Rural Georgia
3. Reform State Government
4. Put Georgia First!

Key Dates: 
Last day of Voter Registration is Oct. 9th.  
If you are new to Georgia and haven’t registered yet or know of a fellow Republican new to the island who hasn’t registered yet, pass this information on to them.

Easiest way to register is to visit the online voting registration website below:

General Election is Tuesday Nov. 6th
For those who would like to join a group of like-minded Republican peers, I would encourage to join the Skidaway Island Republican Club.

Take an active role in shaping the history for our great state. The “progressive agenda” offered by Abrams is better portrayed as socialism. Didn’t work for Bernie on a national level and shouldn’t happen at our state level either.

Click Here to Register to Vote
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